Yuthana Promsin


Khun Yuthana Promsin is the co-founder and chairman of the international law firm Juslaws & Consult.

He is well known internationally and locally due to his experience and expertise gained during the past 3 decades as one of the top corporate attorneys and litigators in the Kingdom of Thailand. ‍ Khun Yuthana Promsin graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University in 1996, and was admitted as a member of the Thai Bar in 1998, obtaining a license to practice law from the Lawyers Council of Thailand the same year.

  • His main areas of practice are (1) providing advice to both international and local clients on business matters and business restructuring, and (2) proactively advising and personally representing those clients in litigation and dispute resolution matters.
  • At Juslaws & Consult, Khun Yuthana Promsin has successfully prosecuted claims before Thai courts in the areas of civil litigation, business torts, partnership conflicts, copyright and trademark disputes, and fiduciary litigation.
  • Khun Yuthana Promsin has represented some of the largest enterprises in the world, including Australian, Japanese, Italian, American and French investors, international petrochemical companies from the UK and Middle East, Hong Kong construction investors, and European investors regarding their land and project developments in Thailand and bankruptcy issues.
  • He has also successfully prosecuted cases involving product liability and consumer protection matters against global giants, and has also defended clients on criminal charges in the public interest. Additionally, Khun Yuthana Promsin is also an active member of the Asia and Pacific law associations.
  • During his active role as one of the key leading lawyers in Thailand, Khun Yuthana Promsin has handled a substantial number of major litigation proceedings and other forms of alternative dispute resolution in Thailand, as well having effectively provided legal advice in Thai corporate law to some of the top multinational and Thai corporations.
Professional Qualifications
  • LL.M. (Business Law), Ramkhamhaeng University
  • Thai Bar Association
  • Lawyers Council of Thailand Institute of Advanced Legal Profession Certificates, Lawyers Council of Thailand
  • Tax Planning and Tax Litigation
  • Constitutional Law and Administrative Law
  • International Commercial Arbitration