Investment Opportunities in Thailand

Thailand Investment In 2020 And Beyond

The Investment Opportunities in Thailand for 2020 and beyond has been challenging in which the Thai Government has provided the potential investors an attractive scheme and for registered investors the best incentives. The Thai Government has granted incentives to attract foreign investors through an Eastern Economic Corridor (ECC) area and the S-Curve industries.  

What is Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC)

This is a massive project which is expected to boost growth in Thailand , there have been numerous investments done such as:

  • Motorway Project (2 Billion USD)
  • High Speed rain (2.5 Billion USD)
  • Double track railway (2.2 Billion USD)
  • Leam Chabang Deep Sea Port (1.1 Billion USD)
  • Ta Phut Deep-sea port Expansion (350 million USD)
  •  U-Tapao airport expansion (7.1. USD)

Breach Of Contract 

These projects undergone stages of construction which has spurred the economic growth of the Thailand economy. 

 The government is promoting and supporting advanced technological development in 12 targeted industries

1.     Next generation automotive
2.     Smart electronics
3.     Affluent, medical and wellness tourism.
4.     Agriculture and biotechnology
5.     Food for the future
6.     Robotics for industry
7.     Logistics and aviation
8.     Biofuels and biochemicals
9.     Digital industry
10.  Medical industry
11.  Defence industry
12.  Education development

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