Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual Property Disputes

Humans are inherently creative. We have made a lot of things that no one would have thought it is possible. We have made traveling by air and by sea possible, and we have made buildings reach the heavens. Our creativity has brought us to the top of the food chain. However, when we create something we have to protect it like any other thing we own. Intellectual Property is one of the properties that need to be protected. Intellectual property is everywhere, it is part of our life, every logo, novel, slogan, brand, invention, etc., is considered the intellectual property of someone who made them.

Intellectual Property rights are categorized differently, however, below are the most common types of Intellectual Property:

1.Trademarks or simply marks, protect a word, phrase, mark, symbol, or logo used to identify the source of goods which are essentially any branding.
2.Copyrights protect creative works like images, photographs, movies, literary works and pieces, etc.
3.Patents protect the works of inventors such as the process or method of how it was done, articles, machines and etc.
4.Trade Secrets, as the name suggests, they protect the intellectual property of the work of a company from its competitors.

We are currently living in the digital age which also increases the chances of Intellectual Property Disputes. In Thailand, copyright and Trademarks are protected and under the tutelage of the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP).

The majority of the cases we have handled regarding Intellectual Property Disputes are mostly unintentional infringement, however, the law will still see it as an offense. Below are some of the Intellectual Property Disputes we have handled.

Examples of Intellectual Property Disputes

1) Trademark InfringementIn Thailand, when you register a trademark it will be protected by the Department of Intellectual Property and be governed by the Thai laws, so if it happens that someone copies your trademark or tries to steal your trademark, then you can file legal action against the person or company who committed the infringement.
2) Copyright InfringementWhen someone stole and used your creative works such as literary works, images, photos, research paper, etc., without your permission then you can file a lawsuit against that person.
3) Patent InfringementThis dispute is applicable if someone is using, selling, or offering to sell your patented claims or inventions. In Thailand, it is mostly regarding those who have created a Glutathione and Collagen supplements are another person/company copied the idea.
4) Trade Secrets InfringementIf another company tries to steal the very essence of the activities or important information regarding your company such as client database, procedure, lists, etc., then you can file a lawsuit.


If you have a concern regarding your intellectual property, we suggest you address and consult it with legal professionals to make sure you will be given the necessary assistance you require since Intellectual Property disputes are usually a complicated and intricate process when brought to the Thai courts.Juslaws & Consult have the best IP lawyers and consultants who can assist you with your Intellectual Property disputes or even register one. We always value our client’s well-being and it is our belief that everyone deserves to be protected. Contact us if you have further inquiries.