Immigration Clearance in Thailand

Immigration Clearance in Thailand

A visa normally provides clearance for a foreigner to enter Thailand and to remain in country for a specified period, given the constraints associated with the type of visa issued this is referred to as Immigration Clearance. A few of these constraints include but are not limited to:

  • The time frame for entry
  • The amount of time the visa holder is permitted to stay in the country
  • Prohibition against employment

Visa Does Not Guarantee Entry

A visa does not necessarily guarantee that a foreigner will be granted entry by immigration authorities at the port of entry. These officials make the final determination whether entry will be allowed, and in some cases they may even cancel a visa if they determine that the foreigner may not abide by the activity restrictions placed on the type of visa held.

Additional Issues

If a foreigner is found to have entered Thailand without a valid visa they may be detained, fined and deported from the country.If someone engages in activity not covered by the type of visa they hold, they can also be considered in violation of their visa, fined and possibly deported.In other instances an attorney may be needed to assist with immigration clearance issues such as problems arising when the foreigner attempts to leave the Kingdom.


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