Visa in Thailand

Visa In Thailand

Depending on the nationality and purpose, a foreigner may need a visa to be able to enter the Kingdom as a tourist or for business or personal purposes. This is subject on the nationality which has some exemptions.

Having the correct Visa will secure your legal stay according to your purposes. These visas are divided into following types such as: a) Non-Immigrant Visa b) Tourist Visa c) Marriage Visa d) Retirement Visa

Types Of Visas

1.     Tourist Visa
-        These are nationalities whose visiting if purely on tour purposes and they are included on nationalities which need application of Visa before entering the Kingdom. This can be for Tourism Purposes (Visa Exemption scheme, Tourist Visa (Single or Multiple Entries) and Special Tourist Visa (Single Entry Only).

2.     Thailand Elite Visa
-        This is a program under “Thailand Privilege Card” which can be availed at Thai Elite Visa Office which has a duration of 5 , 10, 20 years under a Privilege Entry Visa “PE”)

3.     Non-Immigrant “Business” Visa (Non-Immigrant B)
-        This Visa is intended for those who want to work in Thailand. This can be applied in Thailand Embassy or through converting a tourist visa to a Non-Immigrant Visa with initial of 90 days and can be extended to 1 year. The employer shall sponsor applicant’s visa application and the work permit must be obtained during the initial 90 days through the initial visa. Upon obtaining the work permit, the employee shall apply for 1 year extension inside the kingdom.
What are the requirements for Non-Immigrant B Visa?
-        A passport with at least 6 months validity from the arrival to Thailand or upon application of Visa if ever it is intended to be converted.
-        An invitation or confirmation letter to clarify the purpose of travel issued by the concerned organization, entity or company from Thailand.
-        Applicable Embassy fee
-        Documents provided by the company must be stamped and signed by the Director.

4.     Marriage or Guardian Visa
-        This visa is intended those who are married with Thai Nationals, or whose spouse is employed by a company in Thailand or has a son or daughter who are Thai nationals or pursuing education in Thailand.

5.     Retirement Visa
-        This are foreigners who are aged 55 years old with at least a 3- month old savings in any Thai Bank Account amounting at THB 800,000.

Steps On Applying For Visa

1.     Check your nationality needs, to apply for a Tourist Visa in case you are for leisure and traveling in Thailand and check the requirements for Non-Immigrant for the needed documents.
2.     Upon receiving all the documents overseas, check for the documents if complete and must be authenticated by the issuing individual with stamps.
3.     During the present Covid-19, an appointment to the embassy must be coordinated by the applicant.
4.     Submit the documents and pay the government fee.
5.     Check for the update on the application for COE (Certificate of Entry) subject to the changes endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Ministry of Health.

Responsibility Of The Possessor Of Visa

 1.     Upon receiving the Tourist Visa or Non-Immigrant Visa, it is the possessor responsibility to extend the Visa for another 30 days, 6 months or 1 year depending the purpose, requirements and documents that will be presented.
2.     If the possessor of a visa intends to exit the Kingdom during the validity of the visa, he can apply for a single or multiple entry permit.
3.     Possessor of Visa must do a 90-day report at the Chaengwatta and in case in provinces, a foreigner must apply to the nearby immigration.

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