Hotel Due Diligence

Hotel Due Diligence

Thailand boasts a wealth of tourist attractions and destination sites, catering to a diverse range of interests. From the stunning white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters of Krabi and Phuket to the majestic mountains and lush forests of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, Thailand offers a myriad of experiences for visitors to enjoy. When planning a visit to Thailand, one essential consideration is accommodation. Choosing the right hotel is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

There are a lot of gorgeous hotels in Thailand, since it is one of the tourist hotspots in Southeast Asia. And because of the constant entry of tourists in Thailand, many foreigners are considering building their business in Thailand; some even consider taking over existing businesses in Thailand.

The hotel industry in Thailand is witnessing increased foreign investment, with hotels in popular destinations like Phuket and Krabi being acquired by foreign investors. However, purchasing preexisting hotels or any other businesses entails certain risks. To mitigate these risks, conducting thorough due diligence on the business of interest is essential. At Juslaws & Consult, we specialize in various types of due diligence services tailored to your needs, including Hotel Due Diligence, Corporate Due Diligence, Factory Due Diligence, Property and Real Estate Due Diligence, among others. Our comprehensive due diligence processes help identify potential risks and ensure informed decision-making in business transactions.

Purpose of Hotel Due Diligence

Hotel acquisition is a significant business transaction that requires careful consideration to safeguard the interests of the buyer or the party taking over the business. In response to this need, Hotel Due Diligence has emerged as a crucial process.Hotel Due Diligence encompasses a thorough examination of both the physical aspects of the hotel and its assets and liabilities. This comprehensive assessment helps ensure informed decision-making and risk mitigation in hotel acquisitions. 

Hotel Due Diligence entails a comprehensive understanding of various facets of the hotel, including its structure, environment, market position, and overall business viability. It is crucial for the buyer to gain insights into these aspects before finalizing any transaction with the seller. Key considerations during Hotel Due Diligence include understanding of the hotels's structure and environment, business viability, and legal and ownership background.

Benefits of Hotel Due Diligence

Juslaws & Consults’ Hotel Due Diligence service involves highly-specialized specific tasks to our team which make sure that no stones will be left unturned when investigating and checking about the hotel. We check everything from the history of the hotel to its construction and the ownership history. By meticulously addressing these specific tasks, we provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of the hotel's background, construction, and ownership history, enabling informed decision-making in the acquisition process.

Our Hotel Due Diligence report is crucial for the buyer's decision-making process, serving as the determining factor for proceeding with the transaction. We meticulously assess potential liabilities that may impact the buyer in the future and present detailed findings in our report, including risks, full legal information, details of the hotel, and information about the current owners and staff. By weighing these factors, we enable the buyer to make informed decisions regarding the transaction, ensuring transparency and minimizing potential risks.

Essentials of Hotel Due Diligence

There is currently no stipulated checklist for Due diligence in Thailand under the Thai law, however, for Juslaws & Consult we have our own priorities when we do our Hotel Due Diligence. Below are the following essentials checked by Juslaws & Consult:

  • Legal Issues and Legality Check - Our Hotel Due Diligence service includes going to the court and checking whether there are current or previous cases related to the hotel or its owners/shareholders or even management employees. We make sure that all court case records of the hotel and its employees will be checked if there are any.
  • Operational and Technical Inspection of the Hotel - Part of our Hotel Due Diligence service is going to the hotel site and checking their operational component and the surroundings of the hotel to record and to make sure that any claims of the seller will be validated
  • Document Confirmation - Any document related to the establishment of the hotels such as licenses, permits, company documents, etc, will be confirmed and validated by our team at the respective government offices overseeing the issuance of such documents.
  • Business History - We also check the history of the business such as any sale and purchase or takeover transactions, any changes with the management, etc.
  • Financial and Legal Liabilities - We are keen on making sure that the hotel is ready for takeover or selling, so we also check all possible liabilities between the hotel and its shareholders/managers and possible debtors.


Our Hotel Due Diligence service may appear complex, but our primary objective is to ensure that transactions involving foreigners in Thailand are conducted smoothly and securely for all parties involved. We offer a basic report confirming current government records of title type, ownership details, and any recorded mortgages, liens, leases, or other encumbrances. These reports are provided in English and delivered in PDF format for your convenience. Additionally, we offer translation services for Thai documents upon request, ensuring clarity and understanding throughout the process.

Upon request, we also provide additional services such as physical inspections of the land, assessments of building permits, and thorough research on the credentials of sellers or developers to mitigate any risks associated with property purchases. Simply reach out to Juslaws & Consult, and we will tailor a real estate due diligence solution specifically to meet your needs.