Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract, as the title indicates, is an act where a party to an agreement fails to perform any term of a written or oral contract without a legitimate legal reason or if such party fails to accomplish their duties and responsibilities as stipulated in the contract, then the other party may file a civil lawsuit against the breaching party.

Agreements such as labor and employment agreements, loan agreements, leases, and real estate agreements, sale and purchase agreements, and etc., are covered under the Thai Law which gives the damaged party the right to file a civil lawsuit against the breaching party.

One of the most common types of civil lawsuits in Thailand is for court-ordered specific performance and/or damages resulting from a breach of contract. Although Thai Law allows several grounds for filing a legal action against the breaching party most of the time the lawyers will try to attempt to recover the debts or damages through informal methods or if arbitration or mediation is stipulated on the contract then the parties will attempt to resolve such dispute through an Arbitration Dispute Resolution process. However, if such methods don’t work, then filing a case at the Thai Court will be necessary.

The Thai Court provides methods to seize and sell or liquidate the assets of the breaching party to enforce a judgment in order to pay the damages or debt. Although Civil lawsuits take quite some time to conclude, in order to recover damages from such breach of contract in Thailand you have to make sure that your appointed lawyer will be able to assist you 100% with your case at the Thai court.


Juslaws & Consult specializes in assisting clients facing problems regarding breach of contract and many more. Our team of professional and competent lawyers is fully equipped to handle such cases at the Thai Court. We have handled numerous cases related to Breach of Contract and we can confidently attest that it will be just a walk in the park for us.

It is advised that if you are facing such a case you should consult immediately with a lawyer or professional to assist and advise you on the next step to take. We are always available and ready to assist.

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