Public Private Partnership

Public-Private  Partnerships

Various Thailand government agencies and local government entities have entrusted our Public-Private Partnership (P3) Team with the task of conceptualizing, developing, and implementing P3 projects. Simultaneously, investors, lenders, developers, and other private sector entities have turned to the legal expertise and public policy guidance provided by Juslaws and Consult lawyers for comprehensive support and representation in their diverse interests related to P3 projects. Consequently, we possess an in-depth understanding of every aspect of a P3 project—not only the legal intricacies but also the strategic considerations and negotiations undertaken by each party involved in the transaction to further their objectives.

Our P3 Team combines practical legal expertise with a profound understanding of government agency operations— encompassing legislative and decision-making processes, political landscapes, financing mechanisms, governing regulations, and public relations considerations. Leveraging this comprehensive insight, our P3 Team provides strategic counsel to clients on both sides of P3 matters—assisting agencies initiating P3 projects and advising private entities entering into partnerships with them.

Our P3 Team also comprehensively understands the complexities involved in structuring and executing a P3 project for private entities: including standard contract provisions, pressure points, leverage, negotiation techniques, and financing options. We represent companies of all sizes in navigating the intricate components of various types of P3 projects, and we possess the expertise to assist P3 partners in transitioning from conceptualization to implementation.

Latest Innovations in Structuring and Finance 

During lean economic periods, government agencies increasingly rely on the private sector to achieve objectives that could be impacted by reduced tax revenue and budget cuts. At Juslaws & Consult, we possess essential expertise in public procurement and public finance, with a track record encompassing diverse public-private collaborations.

With our extensive and diverse experience, we are equipped to support you with every aspect of a P3 project, spanning procurement laws, real estate, public finance, environmental regulations, and taxation. We possess comprehensive knowledge of the challenges confronting both public and private entities across various infrastructure arrangements, including privatizations, public-private partnerships, concessions, leases, and alternative public-private funding structures. Furthermore, we have expertise in navigating diverse P3 models, from short-term to longer-term arrangements, and are adept at managing different types of funding streams.

Transactional Services Tailored for Each Step of Your P3 Project

Our guidance encompasses the entire lifecycle of a P3 project, from conception through to completion. This includes qualification, bidding, early development, design and construction planning, drafting contracts and related documents, P3 finance, project negotiation, and construction oversight. Our attorneys are experienced in addressing the myriad issues affecting infrastructure development, including practical, political, and environmental challenges, among others. We assist our clients in anticipating, navigating, and overcoming obstacles to ensure a successful partnership.

Juslaws & Consult Services

Our P3 Team boasts extensive experience across a multitude of project types and industry sectors. We have successfully facilitated various public-private partnership initiatives and transactions for our clients, achieving favorable outcomes in each instance including:

  • International airport joint ventures: involving formation and structuring of joint venture groups, negotiation, and preparation of agreements encompassing environmental laws, public-private funding, and payment mechanisms.
  • Power facilities: particularly the acquisition of government-owned facilities by private utilities. Notably, one utility's sale of its publicly owned power facility to a privately regulated power company.
  • Leasing as a public-private funding technique: including the analysis of state and local tax law aspects of financing through lease, lease purchase, leveraged lease, and related techniques.
  • Toll roads and rail systems: entailing the analysis and planning for private toll and high-speed rail systems owned privately but supported publicly.
  • Hospital facilities: encompassing a highly successful, complex privatized joint venture between a county hospital authority and a private nonprofit organization.
  • Commercial and residential development and redevelopment projects.

Other privatizations that round out our portfolio and showcase capabilities we can apply to your projects involve waste systems, parking facilities, sports stadiums, convention centers, and gateway and plaza facilities, among others. At Juslaws & Consult, we are committed to delivering comprehensive legal support and strategic guidance tailored to your specific needs. With our proven track record and diverse expertise across various sectors, we stand ready to assist you in achieving success in your public-private partnership endeavors.