Criminal Litigation

Criminal & Litigation

Juslaws & Consult has a specialized criminal & litigation department capable of representing clients in Thailand with pending court cases and in arbitration.

In Thailand litigation lawyers need to pass a bar exam and rarely specialize in civil or criminal matters. Our criminal & litigation team includes some senior courtroom warhorses that cover a whole range of litigation matters.

Civil & Criminal In Thailand

We represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil court procedures, as well as criminal defendants accused by the police or public prosecutor, including arrest matters, or file criminal complaints for clients in Thailand.

Some of our litigation lawyers also have more specialized experience, for example in procedures before the Intellectual Property and International Trade Court, in Family Court or Labor Court, or in arbitration.

When it comes to corporate litigation matters our litigation lawyers cooperate closely with our corporate attorneys.


Should you be faced with a personal situation that is either civil or criminal in orientation please do not hesitate to seek our assistance. Juslaws & Consult is here to help in all manner of criminal & litigation proceedings. For more information please contact us.