Kunita Tantiphanwadee (Yui)


Ms. Kunita Tantiphanwadee is an Associate at Juslaws & Consult working in the Phuket office.

She undertakes legal research to properly advise clients, develops litigation strategies, gathers evidence to support claims, and prepares legal documents, filings and translations in litigation cases. She is also well-versed in corporate and real estate law and governmental filing requirements. She has an in-depth knowledge of many key legal processes in Thailand.

  • Meet with clients in your office or at the county jail to discuss pending charges and to devise defense strategies.
  • Collect retainers from clients and execute contracts that specify the parameters of the working relationship.
  • Research cases by interviewing witnesses, reading depositions, reviewing evidence and speaking with the client to determine the best strategy for defense.
  • Attend all pretrial hearings on behalf of clients and advise clients following each hearing about the best strategies.
  • Provide legal guidance and support.
  • Assist clients with executing plea bargains and other agreements with the district attorney’s office.
  • Researching and analyzing the law on complex issues and writing briefs for submission to a supervising lawyer in the firm.
  • Analyzing and summarizing complicated legal documents, including contracts, and suggesting alterations to those documents.
  • Performing discovery of various electronically stored data and hard copies of information in preparation for litigation.
  • Performing due diligence in legal matters concerning contracts, agreements, and mergers and acquisitions.
Professional Qualifications
  • Lawyer Council of Thailand
  • Member of Thai Bar Association
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Assumption University