Services & Public Utilities

BOI Thailand Business Opportunities

Thailand has been maintaining its reputation as a business-friendly country for foreign investment and has proved it by becoming the center of commerce in Southeast Asia. The BOI Thailand promotion aims to attract more foreign business investments in the public services and public utilities sectors.

The major driving force behind Thailand’s economic growth is robust human capital.

Industries like Research and Development, Tech, IT, Food Innovation, Engineering Design and others require the availability of technical support. Every year, there are roughly 250,000 vocational and university graduates in Science and Technology-related fields. Thailand has been ranked highest for several factors related to employment and talent development in Asia.

Public Services Public Utilities

he Thai Government in conjuction with the BOI Thailand is committed to promoting public services and the public utilities sectors. To stimulate investment, it offers a wide range of fiscal and non-tax incentives.

Chemicals Industry

With a well-developed infrastructure from production to logistics, the trillion-baht chemical industry is one of Thailand’s most vibrant business sectors. The country’s foreign trade in chemicals hit 463 billion baht in 2009, and domestic sales were nearly tripled. Thailand hosts both foreign-owned and homegrown companies as PTT, SCG, Rayong Olefins, Thai Tank Terminal, Dow, Mitsubishi, TPI, ExxonMobil and the world’s largest chemical manufacturer, BASF, which has operated in Thailand for more than 40 years.

  • Public and basic services
  • Natural gas station
  • Mass transit systems and transportation of bulk goods
  • Logistics service centers
  • nternational headquarters: IHQ
  • International trading centers: ITC
  • Trade and investment support offices: TISO
  • Energy Service Company (ESCO)
  • Real estate development for industrial use
  • Cloud services
  • Research and development
  • Engineering design
  • Scientific laboratories
  • Calibration services
  • Product sterilization services
  • Recycling and reuse of unwanted materials
  • Waste treatment or disposal
  • Vocational training centers
  • Thai motion picture production
  • Motion picture support services
  • Tourism promotion services
  • Activities to support tourism
  • Biotechnology

Why Set Up A BOI Company?

    Permission to have 100% foreign ownership
    Permitted to bring in experts and skilled workers with their families
  • 0% TAX
    Up to 15 years exemption of Corporate Income Tax (CIT)
    Permits foreigners to own land

BOI Incentives

  • Capital Income Tax (CIT) exemption up to 8 years
  • 100% foreign ownershipVisa and work permits
  • Visa and work permits
  • Permission to own land
  • Transferring funds in foreign currency
  • Reduction of import duties on machinery and raw materials
  • Double deduction of costs of transportation, electric and water
  • Import duty exemption on raw or essential materials imported for use in production for export
  • Decentralization merit incentives
  • Merit incentives for competitiveness enhancement