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Marriage Registration in Thailand

Procedures of Marriage Registration in Thailand

The procedure involved in registering a marriage in Thailand differs depending on the nationalities of the individuals. A Thai marriage can be legitimized in a Betrothal Ceremony or in court, with the Betrothal Ceremony only serving as a promise to get married in the form of an agreement.This agreement comes into effect once the man presents the woman with engagement property. In case of a breach of the betrothal agreement, the injured party may claim damages. 

Who is Eligible to Register a Marriage in Thailand?

A couple who wishes to get married must first become eligible by adhering to the following requirements:

  • Neither the bride nor groom may be under the age of 17 and must be of marriageable age according to the laws of their home countries. In cases where specific reasons apply, the court may allow individuals to marry before they reach the required age. 
  • Neither the bride nor groom can be declared insane or a person of adjusted competence.
  • The couple may not be blood relatives in the direct descendant or ascending line and may not be the brother, sister, or half-blood relative of the other. 
  • The couple may not have the same adoptive parents.
  • Neither the bride nor groom can have a spouse when they wish to marry. In the case that either party is a widower or the subject of a terminated marriage, they can only remarry once a period of 310 days from the marriage termination or death has passed. Before the expiry period, the couple can marry if the following applies:
  • A child is born of the couple.
  • The divorced couple has remarried.
  • The court grants the party an order allowing them to marry.
  • A certificate proves the woman is not pregnant.

Documents Required of Foreigners Who Wish to Marry

  • A copy of a valid passport and an arrival card
  • An affidavit stating the marital status of the individual from the respective embassy
  • A copy of the affidavit translated by an approved Foreign Ministry Translator to Thai certified

Additional Information Regarding Marriage Registration in Thailand

  1. A marriage can be legitimized on a declaration by both the bride and groom by granting consent to take the other as a wife or a husband before the Registrar for the marriage to be recorded by the Registrar. 
  2. Regardless of the couple’s birthplace, a registration application for a Thai legal marriage can be filed at any Minor District Office or District Office in Thailand.
  3. The District Officer will change the title used with the woman's last name and forename if the marriage registration is filed at the District Office of the woman’s birthplace (the office where her name is registered on the House Registration certificate).
  4. If the couple cannot register their marriage at a District Office or Minor District Office, they can request permission from the Registrar to register the marriage at any site where they will be under the supervision of a District Officer. 
  5. A marriage is only in effect pending registration. A Marriage Registration Certificate must be acquired as evidence after the completion of the registration.