Mr. Shaw is a highly-experienced and well-respected Attorney-at-Law, he has been involved with numerous matters related to the litigation field. Mr. Shaw graduated from law school at Eastern Asia University, then obtained a license to practice law from the Lawyer Council of Thailand including graduating from the Thai Bar Association. In addition, he has a relevant number of years of experience in matters with prosecution at the stage of inquiry official, court practice, and arbitration as well as business planning regarding trade, investment, and tax planning through providing legal consult, dispute resolution by negotiation, legal advice in civil and criminal litigation representing both Thai and foreigner clients. In Mr. Shaw's career as an Attorney-at-Law, he conducted various important and complicated cases, for instance, corporate and business disputes regarding a Joint Venture case that has been founded by a foreign juristic person and a Thai juristic person including cases regarding a juristic person in Thailand, Limited Partnership, Company Limited, Public Company, dispute arising from breach of contract, shareholders, such as Property Sale and Purchase for a real estate development project and Breach of Agency Contract.

  • Lecturer on legal practice in courtroom and arbitration procedures.
  • Lecturer on the contract and juristic act, partnership and company, family, and inheritance laws.
  • Lecturer on foreign businesses law.
  • Lecturer on taxation law.
  • Legal consultant of private company
  • Thais and foreigners’ legal advisor
  • Business, investment, and foreign immovable property business planning.
Professional Qualifications
  • Prosecution at the stage of inquiry official
  • Court practice and arbitration
  • Lawsuit in relation to corporate and business disputes, contract and juristic act, partnership and company, family, and inheritance case.
  • Investment and foreign business lawsuit
  • Immovable property lawsuit
  • Intellectual property lawsuit


  • Thai
  • English