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Import/Export License

If you wish to create a business that intends to import items into the country, or to export items into the country, you will have to apply for an import/export license. These licenses can involve goods that are imported or exported from clothes, food, machinery of different sorts and various other items as well. Previously, there used to be an import/export license that you would need to apply for and you would receive an actual import/export card, however, the process although not changed, but instead will receive an ecard number.

For example the process of the importation of food is located below:

Food: (Import): License Application process:
Apply for the license at the Food and Drug Administration
Once approved, apply to obtain a Registered number (Must have a place of certification for manufacturing approved)
Register to be an importer with the customs office.
Restaurant License: Food and alcohol
Restaurant License: Food, alcohol, entertainment
Cigarette License
Food & Drug License

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